Blacklight Courses

Black Light Courses

Black Light/Glow in the Dark (GID) courses are the latest rage in miniature golf course development. Unique theme features and brilliant colors fuel the senses and provide a great twist to any miniature golf course. Each course can be designed with numerous theme elements and decorative water features to further enhance the guest experience.

Black Light-White Light Combination Courses

By taking our standard white light courses and blending our black light expertise, we have developed our BL/WL combination courses. These courses offer all the visual interest of the glow in the dark courses with the option of simply flipping a switch to offer a more traditional miniature golf experience. No other company offers an option that allows you to provide your customers two very different experiences on the same course!

LED Courses

While black light courses are perfect for indoor applications, COST developed a similar experience for outdoor courses. After months of research, our designers and engineers developed our LED lit courses. These courses are excellent for evening play as an integrated LED lighting system is set within the hole edging.


COST has the resources, management, and commitment to quality service that enables them to shine through as a leader in the industry.

- Michael Brown, Silverleaf Resorts

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