Custom Designed/Custom Fabricated

Micro-Golf® is a prefabricated, fully contoured golf course that can be easily installed by you, the owner, or with local labor. Every course is custom designed to include all of the fun and challenge offered in our adventure golf courses but in a modular system. Jump holes, water holes, multi-level, fault line, and figure-8 holes are just a sample of the intriguing holes available with the Micro-Golf® System. Each modular section is composed of a durable, lightweight concrete composite for years of use; however, the modular design allows you to move or relocate the course if needed.

Advantages of Micro-Golf®

Micro-Golf® has proven to be an attractive alternative to standard site constructed courses for many reasons.

  • The course can be moved if you are on leased property or the course is considered a temporary attraction.
  • Installation is easy and efficient for indoor applications or when timelines prohibit longer on-site construction schedules.
  • The course is easy to install for the Do-It-Yourselfer. You do not need construction expertise to install Micro-Golf®.
  • With custom 9-hole courses starting in the $50,000 range, Micro-Golf® is a clearly affordable option to site constructed courses.
  • You can add to and modify courses as you wish. Waterfalls, rock features, and theme elements are easily added during installation or well after the course opens.
  • Each Micro-Golf® Course includes a Marketing, Operations, and Maintenance Manual to assist you in organizing your very own local or regional tournaments.

The Popularity of Micro-Golf®

Micro-Golf® is the perfect profit center for driving ranges, sports complexes, family entertainment centers, resorts/hotels, theme parks, camp grounds, cruise ships, residential developments, and many other entertainment venues. Nine holes can be cleverly designed into 2,000 square feet, while an 18-hole course can utilize up to 20,000 square foot parcels. There are now well over 150 Micro-Golf® courses operating successfully worldwide and more are added yearly as clients better understand the numerous advantages of the system.

Micro-Golf® is not only a leisure time activity; the courses are also used for worldwide competition.  Micro-Golf® is sanctioned by the World Mini-golf Federation (WMF) and the US Pro Mini-golf Association (USPMGA) for tournament play.


"Our Micro Golf putting course has been a smash hit. It’s a great amenity and revenue driver to our other offerings. Guests love it…and so do we!"

- TJ Schier, BigShots Golf 


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