COST offers in-house consulting, design, modeling, and construction. In short, we offer total turnkey capabilities. From large-scale family entertainment centers to small Micro-Golf® courses, COST can meet your design/build needs.


Using the latest in AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, and other cutting-edge technology, COST's design team can develop projects from an initial idea, or integrate our work with other design and engineering professionals. Our 3D drawing programs provide data that can be transferred to our 5-axis CNC and our automated bar bending machines for final output.


Our 144,000 fabrication plant offers the latest in technological advancements. We are experienced in many materials and production methods such as: concrete, GFRC, FRP (fiberglass), urethanes, epoxies, metals, and decorative glass work. We also perform theme carpentry under a climate controlled environment.


We have a complete model shop that fabricates scale models for nearly all the projects we undertake. These models are used for owner approvals as well as a fabrication and construction tool. Additionally, we have 3D modeling programs that are utilized for all sorts of theme sculptures, sets, facades, and scenery.


COST is a licensed and registered contractor in nearly every U.S. State. In addition, we perform numerous projects throughout North America and the world. Unlike many companies that simply hire local labor and leave your job to chance, COST sends our experienced construction personnel to each and every jobsite. This means your project will meet the same level of quality and detail of all other COST projects. Our superintendents take great pride in our commitment to keeping owners involved, informed, and totally satisfied. Delivering excellent work, and staying on time and within budget are our main priorities.

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